Enriching the Present - Inspiring a Hopeful Future!

We are here to support our pupils as they strive to fulfill their aspirations.
We're proud to offer outstanding facilities and small class sizes as our teachers and coaches provide inspiration and guidance across all subjects.
We help students to achieve their own personal best whatever their chosen field of study.

Wagor is an education pioneer. It is also a symphony of every child's life that opens up the heart and a window to a promising future.


國際校區 | 國際部 臺中市西屯區美滿街65號
西屯校區 | 小學部 臺中市西屯區長安路一段35號
北屯校區 | 高中部 臺中市北屯區軍福十八路328號
北屯校區 | 國中部 臺中市北屯區軍福十八路328號
北屯校區 | 小學部 臺中市北屯區軍福十八路328號
忠明校區 | 幼兒園 臺中市北區忠明路496號
賴厝校區 | 幼兒園 臺中市北區東漢街1號
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