Wagor Education System

Kindergarten, After-School ESL Program, Bilingual Academy




Wagor’s Origin

Wagor Education System was established in 2000. Its first branch, known as Jong-Ming Branch, is located on Jong-Ming Road Taichung, provides kindergarten education and after-school ESL program for grade 1-6 students.

                                        Jong-Ming Campus     


Its dedication towards promoting English learning has been acknowledged by the public in central Taiwan. The effort and success has resulted in establishing Wagor Bilingual Elementary School in 2002 and Lai-Cuo Branch in 2003. Based on the spirit of community service, the establishment of Wagor ESL Community Services Department has played a crucial role in assisting in the designing and implementing of English programs and Summer/Winter Camps at Wen-Hwa Senior High School, Taichung Girls’ Senior High School, Taichung Second Senior High School, Li-Ming Junior High School , Han-Kou Junior High School, and Da-Yeh Junior High School.


                     Lai-Cuo Campus


Furthermore, Wagor Bilingual Elementary School was extended to junior high school level in 2006 to make the Grade 1-9 bilingual programs a dream come true for the Wagor Education System. With the complete G1-9 Chinese and English bilingual curriculums, it is the first bilingual elementary and junior high school in central Taiwan, and it is now known as Wagor Bilingual Academy.


The parents of our founder Mr. Chang-Ping Yuan and our president Mr. Charles Yuan had dedicated their lives to helping and educating people in different fields. In order to continue this noble deed, Mr. Chang-Ping Yuan decided to establish a bilingual school for children in Taiwan. He also invited his brother, Dr. Charles Yuan, who had profound experience in promoting Chinese learning in America for many years to come back and join the team.

  Dr. Charles Yuan


Wagor Bilingual Academy has encountered not only the great reformation of Taiwan’s education system, but also the high expectation toward bilingual education from parents at founding stage. To be the pioneer of a bilingual school, Wagor’s founders and its faculty are so determined to pull all their beliefs and efforts together to overcome all the obstacles ahead of them. In 2008, Wagor Bilingual Academy received the certificate of ISO 9001 – IWA2. It was a great accomplishment that no school in central Taiwan had achieved.


Walking into the campus of Wagor, what comes into view are modernistic buildings and children’s smiling faces. It is truly a happy institution. It is believed that our children can learn freely and live happily only if the School is in conjunction with the family and the community. In results, Wagor will be able to cultivate students with sound personality, good virtue, and high-order skills to pursue excellence in scholarship, personal development and citizenship.






Wagor’s Missions

*        Emphasizing both Chinese and English learning

*   Raising future leaders of E-generation

*   Building up Children’s life long skills

*   Excellence in academic achievement

*   Establishing whole - person education







  Wagor’s Goals


*Cultivate students with strong organizational and communication skills; develop global views to meet with future needs

*Implement Chinese and English curriculums to promote bilingual excellence

*Fulfill educational standards from Taiwan’s Ministry of Education

*Establish sister -school relationships and active interaction with schools overseas

*Multi-staged development of English ability and participation in certification exams

*Smoothly transfer students into mainstream education in English speaking countries

*Regular sponsoring of winter and summer camps, including Chinese and Western cultural

teaching activities

*Step-by-step training of students’ language ability, logical thinking, spatial sensory skills, music, inter and intra-personal skills, observation skills relating to the development of multi-intelligences







Wagor’s Images

*Students’ Images

World view, Wisdom

Academic, Active

Great, Gentle, Grace, Good virtue

Optimism, Objectivity, Open minded

Respect, Responsibility











* Teachers’ Images












* Parents’ Images











Wagor’s Curriculum

Based on the spirit and guidelines of Nine-Year-Coherent Curriculum declared in 2001 by the Ministry of Education, schools and teachers are empowered to develop a School-based Curriculum. It is then possible for Wagor to launch a bilingual education system that is student-centered, activity-based, and community-oriented.



Chinese Curriculum

The Chinese curriculum here in Wagor is designed to achieve the goals of Seven Learning Areas (Language Arts, Math, Science & Technology, Social Studies, Health & Physical Education, Arts and Humanities, Integrative Activity); therefore, the School has developed a variety of courses to meet different students’ needs and to prepare students with the abilities to continue further education in Taiwan or abroad.







Chinese: Enhance ability of literacy through poetry, speech, recitation, and reading


Math: Build up the ability of reasoning, logical thinking, computation, and problem solving through integration of topics with English Curriculum







Science:  Cultivate creativity and interest in research and exploration through hands-on activities and experiments





 Character Education:

Emphasize the formation of humanitarian values and ethical behavior through role-plays, drama, films, and group discussions










Physical Education: Foster the spirit of teamwork, awareness in the importance of good health and fitness, and equip students with skills for productive leisure





Computer Technology:

Cultivate knowledge and understanding of computer software and hardware as well as ethical attitudes for the use of information.













English Curriculum (ESL - English as a Second Language)

As the world becomes a global village, English has become an important tool for exploring and getting involved with the world. Here at Wagor, we provide an English (ESL - English as a Second Language) program to equip our youngsters with the essential tools to cope with the world. Through implementing courses based on what American students will learn at the elementary level makes students in Wagor able to obtain not only the English language itself but also the knowledge of the subjects contents. In consequence, students enjoy exposure to the language and culture they study beyond their academic program.




1.  Intensive English Program

 *  For students who have never learned English or

      possess only a little knowledge of English

 *  The goals are to foster interest in learning English

      and to gradually cultivate basic listening, speaking,

      reading, and writing abilities

 *  Course: Reading , Phonics, Spelling, Library, and CAI






2.  Not-on-level English Class

*   For students whose English grade levels are not the same as American students at the same age.

*  The goal is to enhance students’ spelling, grammar, and writing abilities

*  Course: Reading, Math, Science, Grammar, Writing

*  Library and CAI





3.  On-level English Class

*   For students whose English grade levels are the same as American students at the same age

*   The goal is to fully develop holistic language skills

*   Course: Reading, Math, Science, Grammar, Writing

*   Library and CAI






Extra Curricular Activities


Students have access to after school activities in Wagor. We offer fee-based lessons in football, basketball, in-line skating, martial arts, ball-room dance, piano, violin, computer and supervised study. Offerings may vary from year to year depending on instructor’s availability and students’ interest.


A variety of contests: Singing, Spelling Bee, Speech, Writing, etc.





*  Cultural & Holiday Theme Teaching:





*Chinese New Year

*Moon Festival

*Tomb-Sweeping Festival

*Lantern Festival

*Dragon Boat Festival

 *Earth Day

*Teachers’ Day

*Mother’s Day





                                                                                                    * Overseas Study Groups

-         Australia

-         USA

-         Canada

-         England

-         Singapore

-         Japan


            * Summer & Winter Camps.



















The Sky Is the Limit.